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USS Flambeau

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Norway class history

Moving away from the "bigger is better" philosophy, the compact design of the Norway-class is meant to provide autonomous capability for full execution of Federation defensive, cultural, scientific, and explorative policy in deep space or border territory.

The design allows for powerful science sensors, a set of ambassadorial quarters and a large conference hall complex. The ships have proved very popular in service, largely because of the good accommodation standards.

Norways have served with great distinction throughout the Federation. Several vessels saw combat action against a Borg cube in the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373. The class later saw action in the Dominion War with its five-hundred person evacuation limit often used to extract the entire crew complement of another vessel.

Mission orders

Having undergone a full upgrade and refit, by December 2392 the USS Flambeau NCC-79901 is assigned a new command and crew with a mandate to execute peacekeeping patrols, facilitate scientific exploration and provide colonial support in the deep space area denominated the Nordström Expanse.

Area of Operations

It started as early as the 23rd century, as a case of adventurers' tales attracting hopeful miners and scientists first, colonists next. Over ensuing decades, not unexpectedly, reports of hostile raiders and pirates intensified gradually.

When the Santine incident made Federation news, a dedicated push from within the Council resulted in a compromise. Deep Space 13, a refit K-7 type capable of supporting a basic task force was established to bring order and provide colonial support.

Successive major threats affecting the Federation in past decades, however have kept shifting focus away from the area. Deep End 13 as some call it, and a small compliment of older starships have been struggling to fulfill their UFP mandate.

This area of operations is set in the Beta Quadrant, several hundred light years from the UFP core. Deep Space 13 is established at Dekator, a small and unremarkable solar system lit by a hot bright star, strewn with now semi-abandoned space mining claims and depots.

The current Fleet year is: 2394.


The above picture for the USS Flambeau comes from the game "Star Trek Legacy".The Norway class is a canon starship originally featured in the movie ST: First Contact. Class history was worked out from material found on the Daystrôm Institute Technical Library. Technical specifications hosted on Memory Zeta are provided by the Sixth Fleet's DaDB (more specifically ret. Adm. Kreg A.) also based on DITL.ORG data. The graphics in the Gallery come from the Ex Astris Scientia site and the interior photos from the TV series Deep Space Nine and Voyager.
This RPG couldn't exist without support from the "Nexus Simming Team", previously playing: the USS Liberty, USS Swiftsure, USS Poseidon Second Era, USS Avalon and USS Axanar under GM VAdm. Nathalie Chapman, from 2000 to this day. The USS Flambeau PBEM RPG concept and gameverse are created and developed by the GM.


Link to Paramount We acknowledge the fact that all things Star Trek belong to Paramount, Viacom, CBS and their affiliates. No copyright violation is intended. The Flambeau PBEM RPG is a free, PG-13, play-by-post roleplaying game.