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USS Flambeau NCC-79901

USS Flambeau


Deck 1 - Bridge Module

Bridge, Command Chair (Defiant model), Briefing Room, Ready Room


The Norway class and the Intrepid class were designed in the early 2370's. Given some similarities and the lack of material on the Norway, Voyager is our visual reference for internals, with one big exception, the bridge.

Because their bridge modules are so different in shape and size on all external views, a Norway can't accomodate Voyyager's bridge and CO Ready Room. We adapted existing graphics based off a smaller ship (Defiant, Nova).

command chair
Captain Marini also very much insisted to have a real command chair, that is essentially a command console.
Ready Room
Briefing Room

The Ready Room and the Briefing Room share the aft portion of the egg-shaped module.
Any outside view in these locations is a holoscreen projection.




Main Engineering
Security Brig
Main Engineering
Security Brig
Main Sickbay
Science Lab
Main Sickbay
A Science lab


Various Locations

Turbolift - Transporter Room - Main corridor - Secondary corridor - Messhall


Transporter Room
Small corridor

Crew Lounge


Starbase Friday

Type : manufacturing and support facility built in 2355


Starbase Friday

Decks : 397
Crew : 5700, plus up 6000 civilians
Diplomatic capability : grade 6
Armament : 100 x Type XII phaser arrays
8 x Type 3 burst fire photon torpedo tube
Defence Systems : high capacity shield system
Light duranium/tritanium double hull.
Low level Structural Integrity Field
Docking Facilities :
Internal docking bay 2 capable of holding up to 15 starships, depending on type
Expected Hull Life : 150

Notes: the station was towed in place after 40 years of service. Standard refits are expected every 5 years, major refits every 50 years.

picture from for SB 375

station specifications from source


Starfleet Uniforms



The CO / XO both prefer the Vest variant.


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